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What We're Building
Snovio is a service that helps people to find and verify emails and other public information from LinkedIn, websites, domain addresses.
Today it is in a stage of active development, trying to become a unique decentralized lead sourcing platform, combining SaaS and marketplace models fueled with SNOV tokens, which is fundamental for introducing an innovative approach to lead generation and sourcing.
The platform will help to overcome the main challenges to searching for quality leads and valuable assets for businesses.
Finding the required contact data will become much easier and faster. Clients will be able to find even the most specific groups of people according to any complex criteria in the shortest period of time.
Another challenge that will be met by Snovio, is the poor quality of leads. Platform will provide the access to the most up-to-date data along with the possibility to check the information for relevancy. It will solve the problem of selling irrelevant contacts.

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