SubUnicorn Studio
Country : Malaysia

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Summary Info

SubUnicorn Studio is a startup studio. We group people who has startup idea. We promoting the development of idea related to "smart city" such as smart economy, smart living, smart people, smart mobility, and smart ecosystem. Our mission is ensure the startup idea realized. It is not easy, but it is valuable throughout the journey.

Our Mission

Ensure the startup idea realized. 

Startup is easy to understand, but, how to work out is a question.
Game has standard guideline guiding gamer to play, but in startup, no.
As such, why not we just try to create such environment for the people?
We are gamer, we like play game, and so do we think we can use the game rules in startup as well.
Work smart, play hard!!!

Our Culture

- Free to suggest

- Friendly

- Flexibility

- Family


- Enhance knowledge about technology 提升对科技的认知程度

- Enhance the cognitive ability of new things 提升对新事物的认知能力

- Enhance ability of team work 提升对团队协作的能力

- Flexibility 活跃性的工作性质

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