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Rupiah Plus is one of the first guarantee-free credit platforms in Indonesia that users can fully operate through their mobile app. We build and fully implement the mobile inovation of traditional personal credit business. Our mission is to bring a safe and convenient loan service to to our users. Rupiah Plus upholds the concept of "credit makes life better", relying on big data and the vast experience of our team in risk control, continue science-driven financial innovation, develop mobile internet financial layout, build a relaxed, convenient, safe, and transparent internet platform.

Rupiah Plus loan business has realised a fully automated cash loan service. Users only need a mobile phone and they can complete the whole process of application, loan arrival, and loan repayment. Collateral and on-site signing is not required, you only need ID to apply for a loan. It is the true meaning of "feet stay indoors, relaxed borrowing". Rupiah Plus realised a high-efficiency review process which focuses on “automated reviewing, with manual reviewing as a complement", 20 minutes of loan arrival.

Rupiah Plus is commited to solving white-collars and blue-collars' money troubles in the early urbanizing society, helping them to achieve a better life, solving the problem of empty pockets at the end of the month. At the same time, we protect all aspects of every user's privacy, bringing excellent loan service to more groups of people.

Rupiah Plus is powered by PT. Digital Synergy Technology company Co., Ltd.

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