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We believe that AI will be as fundamental to creativity in the next 100 years as the pencil was in the last 100. We are building the world’s first creative AI for generating digital content.

Pencil generates compelling original copy, visuals or layouts for any message and audience, pre- optimising for business metrics like recall, engagement and conversion. This is revolutionary for industries like advertising, publishing & e-commerce which depend on targeted content that’s slow and expensive to make and A/B test - and that’s before even tackling personalisation.

AI content generation can be fully automated, using a brand’s history and public data from news or social media to pitch products into any cultural context. Generation can also take its cues from human creatives, scaling concepts into whole new classes of personalised, real-time content.

We’re an early stage startup team from Google and award-winning creative shop Iris Worldwide, with backing from Entrepreneur First. We move fast and make things.

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