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TRIVE Ventures is a Venture Capital firm which focuses primarily on angel to seed-stage investment in technology startups across Southeast Asia.

The team has over 6 years of VC, mentoring and advisory experience, helping more than 700 advisories and supporting 38 startups obtaining US$5.3m in seed funding.

We specialise in deep technologies, AI and data science tech startups in the field of Fintech, Energy Tech, Education Tech and Marketplaces (ex-Singapore).

As early-stage investors, we take an active role in helping our portfolio startups to scale beyond their domestic markets into the region.

Our Company logo signifies the propagation of a thriving ecosystem from Singapore as the starting point or the “red” node. The “grey” nodes connect to form a network that will unify the region to impact positive change through smart innovation and entrepreneurship.

TRIVE Ventures is based in Singapore.

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