AIM Solutions Sdn Bhd
Country : Malaysia

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Summary Info

AIM Solutions Sdn Bhd provides home grown ICT solution support by branded hardware in tailoring

system niche such as Keretapi Tanah Melayu (KTMB),Prasarana Rapid Kl and LRT division,Mahkamah

Perusahaan Malaysia,JUPEM and others.

AIM Solutions is an EPCIC (Engineering,Procurement,Construction,Installation and Commissioning)

company with professional workforce in engineering design, project management ,procurement ,installation,testing,commissioning,support and maintenance.

AIM Solution core businesses are in 3 main operational divisions;

Financial Technology

-AIM Financial Information System (AMFIS)

-Cashless Microcredit Collection (CMCCS)

-AIMS Virtual Banking

-AIMS Remit: Cross Border Remittance Solution

-SAhabat Bazaar: e-Commerce Marketplace

-Integrated Management System (IMS)


Engineering Services

-Passenger Information Display System (PIDS)

-Platform Information Door System (PSD)

-Automatic Fare Collection System (AFC)

-Public Address System (PA)

-Mission Critical Network Solution

-Automated Parking System (APS)

ICT Services

-Data Center (DC) & Disaster Recovery Centre (DRC)

-Digital Signage and Advertisement

-Close Circuit Television (CCTV)

-Digital Recording System (DRS/SPD)

-Backbone IP Transmission Network

-Big Data Solutions

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