Storage Bloc
Country : Malaysia

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Summary Info

Storage Bloc is a growing On-Demand Storage Provider that also offerto e-commerce inventory management and fulfilment services.

We offer very flexible and competitive rates, catering to both small and large needs.

Our Mission

To main integrity and great customer service while offering the best deals when it comes to storage. The price of real estate in Malaysia keeps increasing, and houses with storage space are almost non-existent.

We want to be flexible. We want to give the best deals. We want to be fair!

Our Culture

Storage Bloc is a proudly Malaysian owned company. Our foundation is built on the continued efforts to improve and expand the consumer’s experience. We take pride on our ethics and integrity. With our hassle-­free storage services, Storage Bloc hopes to provide consumers with a simplistic storage experience at their convenience.

Join us on our journey in striving for excellence, after all, we have your best interests in our hearts and minds. We are just like you and recognise the challenges of organising items and belongings with limited space. We want to provide a space where you can keep your meaningful, useful, important or memory filled valuables with us. Our promise for quality of service and ultimate satisfaction comes from learning and continuously improving.


We are friendly?

Not gonna lie. Sometimes it's boring, sometimes its hectic.

We are a start-up and all we can say is that we try.

Also, free water!

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