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Biotrampil PLT is a food technology startup where we develop plant based food using mushrooms and tropical fruit - jackfruit. Our debut products are plant based burger patties. We have received 6 figures grant funding from government funding agency and have reached past Minimum Viable Product/market validation stage and now it is a matter of reaching mass scale. We have a lean production facility based in the East Coast of Peninsula Malaysia. We are planning to go big in 2 segments - Ready-to-Eat and Ready-to-Cook.
First and foremost - to have a passion for food and health!
An eye for bringing our product - plant based burger patties and other Asian plant based delicacies to the targeted customers - mass premium.
Must be mobile and always looking out for opportunities. We have 2 segments of market i.e. Ready-to-Eat and Ready-to-Cook with lots of hot established leads to follow up with. Just have to follow up!
Education and awareness creation - product knowledge is critical and not difficult to comprehend.
Handy at social media and events - easy going with public events and sales pitch to customers.

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