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Country : Malaysia

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Earth Heir creates customised, handcrafted pieces infused with contemporary design and sustainable practices. We celebrate craftsmanship by showcasing the heritage and culture of the peoples of Malaysia.

Each Earth Heir piece is thoughtfully made and respects people and nature.

Our mission is to increase the value of hand craftsmanship by engaging in ethical partnerships, infusing thoughtful design and advocating conscious consumption.

Luxury, style, design and fashion forged in an ethical manner.

We hope you enjoy shopping with a conscience at Earth Heir.

Our Mission

To increase the value of craftsmanship by designing thoughtfully, engaging ethical partnerships and advocating conscious consumption. 

Our Culture

We believe in openness, transparency, integrity and honesty in our work, and Earth Heir Team is a familia! While working with artisans also teaches us to be humble and empathetic, building a brand makes us think strategically, work efficiently, review and improve quickly. 

Join Earth Heir familia to raise awareness of the stories of the artisans, our heritage and culture.


Open space office, with natural light to encourage creativity and collaborations. Let's brainstorm and work!

You get responsibilities and to be hands on in various areas, as long as you can prove that you can be trusted. 

Direct coaching from CEO and COO (very nurturing and understanding)

Trips to visit artisans in Sabah / Sarawak, Terengganu, Negeri Sembilan, Selangor (depending on company plan)

Basic pantry with kettle, induction cooker, referigerator, microwave to heat up food, and to do simple cooking. Eat healthily!

Medical Allowance will be given to purchase insurance of your own choice

Annual leave, medical leave, replacement leave, EPF, SOCSO and EIS - you won't be exploited


"Entrepreneurs for Good" by British Council 2015

Provisional Member of World Fair Trade Organisation (WFTO)

Impact Driven Enterprise (IDE) by Malaysian Global Innovation and Creativitity Centre (MaGIC)

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