Maja Solutions Sdn Bhd
Country : Malaysia

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We value innovation, growth and sustainability.

Innovation does not appears out of nowhere. It requires an investment of time and passion. Which is why, we spend an amount of time during working hours in research and development whereby we build interesting product which utilizes the technology that helps us solve problems.

In order for growth to happen, the team has to constantly review on their performance and goals. We would take part and invest to help each team member enhance their skills and ensure that as the company grows, every individual grows along.

Sustainability requires innovation and also the ability to deliver excellent products. We practice agile methodology and adapt to any process whenever fits to help us deliver good quality products efficiently.

Apart of all of the above, we are a startup where all of us are like a big family. We came from different places and background, and we are now all in the same place driven by the same goal.

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