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Koble is a B2B matchmaking platform in the form of a verified social network of business users which allows businesses to market their products and offerings as well as enable the discovery of new vendors that are a perfect match to their needs.

As we move into our first markets in Asia, we are looking to build a strong team of creative problem solvers to tackle the inefficiencies of procurement, and take businesses across Asia through the digital transformation journey in their procurement process.

At Koble, we believe that people are the most valuable resources of a company.

We encourage collaborative and constructive approaches to problem solving in our journey to digitally transform the traditional processes of procurement across the globe.

We pride ourselves with the ability to be agile and adaptable, and as we are constantly building up new teams in our global expansion efforts, we believe this provides numerous opportunities for our team members, not only for career progression but also for personal growth and network development.

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