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For the girls who want to express their femininity.

For the girls who dare to make a statement, time and time again.

For the girls who aren’t afraid to show off their individual styles.

For the girls who don’t just rock trends, but set them.

FREYJA (pronounced fray●ya) was founded with fashion-lovers in mind.
We self-manufacture as well as scour the globe for beautifully made garments – so that women will be able to wear clothes that make them look and feel empowered, sexy, chic, and confident. In addition to that, FREYJA is a vegan brand that is animal and human cruelty-free. We stand strongly against labour exploitation, and seek fair treatment for all the lives involved in our business practices.
We know that clothes can’t change the world, but we’re sure that the women who wear ‘em will.

Our Mission

To empower women with outfits beautiful from the inside out.

Our Culture

As a start-up, we believe strongly that everyone on our team has a voice in every decision our company makes. Our team members are encouraged to share their ideas and thoughts with one another, and are given many opportunities to do so. As a small team, everyone is given the exclusive chance to learn a wide variety of skills across different areas of responsibilities, something most bigger companies would not be able to provide. Independence and ambition is the key to a collaborative and efficient workplace, and Freyja believes in giving everyone that respect and trust.

In Freyja, you won’t need to show up in a stuffy work-office outfit! We welcome and encourage our team members to indulge in their fashionable/chilled/inspired sides, and thus do not enforce a dress code. With creativity comes ideas at all times of the night, so we’ve also embraced a flexible working hours’ environment, so you can work at your most inspired times.

If you believe you’re the perfect addition to our fun-loving team, we welcome you to send us your CV to! Do state your date of availability and expected remuneration as well. Shortlisted candidates will be contacted shortly.


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