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GeStream Technology Inc

As a robotic technology company, designer and manufacturer, we are dedicated to providing innovative robots that are affordable and easy to use.Our products include Education robots, Security robots, Industrial robots, Servo motor, Control board, Sensors and Key components.

GESTREAM Technology, Inc. has continuously developed many innovative robotic technologies and robotic educational products since its foundation at 2005.

GeStream products:

1.Multi-function open source Robotic development platform (Programmable, Expandable, Transformer, Interactive, Education, Remote Control, Cloud Control)

2.Robotic Components : Control Board, Servo Motor, Sensors, Bluetooth, WiFi, Voice, Camera

3.Humanoid robot: BeRobot sets Guinness World Record “The world’s smallest humanoid robot” the BeRobot offers a wide range of functionality, controllability, customization and programmability.

4.Levels of Robotic Curricular, from Primary school to University

5.Interactive multi-media Home Service Robot.

6.Surveillance Robot: Interaction via 3G~4G or WiFi internet.

7.Industrial Robot: Customize design, multi DOF Robot Arm, Auto machine, AGV, AOI.

Our Mission

Creating innovation in life: Building a happy team with happy consumers;

Simplicity: Utilizing advanced technologies to make user-friendly products;

Convenience: An easy to use interface, which can handle multiple functions;

Unique: Offering unique products, with value and an enjoyable user experience;

Youth: Maintaining our vital group of creative team members.

Our Culture

We believe human society will call for more and more robotic requirements in the near future. We love to satisfy the requirements based on our robotic expertise. We understand the importance of fulfilling the requirements and will make the dreams come true. With the best efforts from our dynamic and productive team members, we provide best quality and best service to bring products to markets.


Our productive team members provide excellent leading designs in mechanism, electronics, electric-machinery, embedded system, optoelectronics, semiconductor, interactive sensors, communication, and cloud platforms. Innovation and commitment to quality have allowed GESTREAM to produce cutting-edge, high-performance products that offer the best value in the Robotics market at the most competitive price.


1.Guinness World Records (The smallest humanoid robot in production is the BeRobot, which measures 153 mm (6 in) high and is able to walk, kick and perform push-ups. The robot was manufactured by GeStream (Taiwan))

2.Certificate of Golden Pin Design Product(Industrial Development Bureau)

3.Certificate of IDA Congress(The International Design Alliance)

4.The Award for Business StartUp(Ministry of Economic Affairs)

5.The International Robot Competition

6.The IRCC International Robot Competition

7.The National Quality Assurance Golden Award

8.The Industrial Innovation Achievement Award(Ministry of Economic Affairs)

9.The Certificate of Technological Service Organization(Industrial Development Bureau)

10.The Jin-Yi Award Creative Design Award for Photovoltaics and Application

11.The Product Insurance from Zurich insurance LTD

12.IEEE IECON papers

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