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Summary Info

Coursepad is a learning and communications platform that keeps
teams in sync and high performing with smart content, activities
and reminders.

Business Summary:

90% of all organisations underperform due to weak training and
communications. That’s a shame, and we want to use mobile technology to
change that.

Coursepad’s is a learning and communications platform that delivers
personalised learning reminders, content and activities to keep teams in sync
on their learning, whilst also allowing the team to quickly get pressing questions
answered by supervisors and experts.

Combining powerful mobile knowledge management, performance
management dashboards as well as instant messaging creates a truly unique
value proposition for our clients who have a strong need to have high
performing teams that move in sync.

We reach out to our clients via partnering up with consulting firms and training
organisations whom act as our channel partners. Partnering Coursepad helps
these channel partners acquire contracts more easily by presenting a clear end-
to-end solution to their clients.

In essence, we enable next generation workplace learning and sharing with our
platform and our greater vision is to make our system intelligent enough to
understand, inspire and nurture the next generation of knowledge workers.

We have already served clients like GIC Pte. Ltd., Standard Chartered Bank and
DBS Singapore, and we need you to help us scale up in
the region and dominate the space!

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