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Getfash is a shoppable fashion and lifestyle magazine for young working adults. We provide these budget-conscious individuals with inspiration on what to wear and buy.

Our editorials are tailor-made by curating the trendiest and most relevant ideas and tips from the world of fashion and lifestyle into easily digestible stories. We create a wallet-friendly 'read-and-shop' experience by sourcing for apparels, shoes, bags, accessories, beauty products, and more, within a specific price range, that match our content.

To stay true to our core value of publishing stories that help people look and feel great, we earn when readers are inspired to purchase through our content. Independent fashion and lifestyle brands offering unique items that fit our price range can check our merchant partner program to be featured in our shoppable magazine.

Our Story

Getfash was founded by Gerald, Charmaine, and Lucius—3 entrepreneurs with a passion for a stylish lifestyle, writing, and creating websites. While we come from different backgrounds, we formed chemistry and bonded by complementing each other's skills to create this shoppable magazine.

We enjoyed reading online magazines and browsing social media for lifestyle ideas but found that these lacked a shopping experience or were featuring items that were too pricey. We believe that inspiration is valuable when it can be brought to life and into our wardrobes. Hence Getfash was born—curating trendy, relevant fashion and lifestyle inspiration that budget-conscious individuals can shop from.


Echelon Asia Summit 2016 - Top100 Startups

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