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Country : Malaysia

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Here at KAKI BUKU, we strive to build the most fun and intellectually stimulating reading club! Our e-books are professionally and tastefully curated by our in-house bookworms. Be it the hottest novels everyone is reading, the most up-to-date analysis of current affairs, the latest ideological trends that are shaping the world, or that classic you have always wanted to read, let us deliver it to your device.

KAKI BUKU is multi-lingual. You will find an ever growing number of English, Malay and Chinese publications from Malaysian publishers.

The people behind KAKI BUKU are bookworms, booklovers, bibliophile, bibliomaniac, nerds, and compulsive readers. Luckily they are also deeply involved in the publishing and book industry and know how the real world works. Some of them are publishers, some writers. The weirdest thing is that they also know how to build great websites and great apps.

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