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e27 was founded in 2006 and is a media company focused on growing Asia’s technology startup ecosystem. It reports on tech startup news, trends and personalities relevant to startup communities in Asia and also organizes the much-celebrated Echelon conference. Other community events include. Founders Drinks, a monthly meetup in several cities around Asia and most recently, Top 100 Program, which showcased to Asia's top technology investors, venture capitalists, and startup industry heavyweights at Echelon Asia Summit. 300 startups pitch in 14 countries as part of our Qualifiers, only the Top 100 will be chosen.

e27.co is an Asia briefing on Internet technology, mobile innovation and business news We report on the latest news that impacts the tech startup ecosystem and wider tech industry, highlight web and mobile applications that emerge from Asia, profile the founders behind these startups and provide our readers with thoughts and insights from trusted industry professionals and mentors.

Started in 2006 as e27.sg, the site rebranded to e27.co as a clearer representation of its coverage of the Southeast Asia and Global news and continues championing the Asian tech startup ecosystem by providing media coverage from grassroots events all the way to landmark mergers and acquisitions. The site has since grown into a regional team and work closely with partners across Asia to provide our readers with a keen understanding and insight of tech startup news, both local and regional.

Optimatic Pte Ltd is the holding company of e27.

Our Mission

“To build one connected Asian tech industry without borders”


“Every startup gets a fair chance to succeed”

Our Culture

1. Be humble, don’t be an asshole

2. There is no You or I, there is only We and Us

3. Take risks, fail, fast, iterate, change is constant, embrace it

4. Don’t ask for permission, ask for forgiveness

5. Deliver excellence through service

6. Pursue growth and learning

7. Passion is the fuel that drives us


The Sparks Awards 2014 (Best Corporate Branding by a Media Owner)

2nd Place. e27 (Echelon 2014)

Yahoo! Singapore 9 Winner (Business) - 2012

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