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The Myth About Idea Sign Ltd. Revealed

idea SiGn is a Hong Kong based creative consultancy since 2009.

We work with various companies in Hong Kong and Asia who are ready to take that eXtra step toward Success.

idea SiGn gives you the opportunity to refresh and reinvent your products, as well as an extensive senior-level contacts network in the toy and game industry throughout Asia.

Sharon is an extremely resourceful professional who is always full of creative ideas and on the ball. I would like to say a big thank you to him for always connecting me with awesome people, sharing his experience and giving helpful tips.

”Anna Wong”,
”Co-founder at Female Entrepreneurs Worldwide”

I have had the pleasure to work with Sharon on several projects; he is a highly passionate, motivated, and engaging individual who is flexible without losing sight of what he wants to achieve.

He is outgoing and personable with a broad network - exactly what it takes in a connector and innovator. On a personal note, I’ve known Sharon since mid-2013, and he is an extremely pleasant person to be around, and a dear friend of mine.

”Sandra T. Buehn”,
”Management Consultant at Galore Group (HK) Ltd.”

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