Shoppertise Sdn. Bhd.
Country : Malaysia

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Summary Info

Shoppertise is a mobile-first eCommerce platform that empowers small business owners with smarter, safer, and easier ways to sell their products and services online. This platform includes Shoppertise Marketplace (A curated marketplace with uniquely designed goods -- and Shoppertise Pocketbook (A personal sales assistant for small businesses on-the-go --

We are committed to empowering small business owners and shaping the future of digital commerce. As a very lean operation, every member on the team is given equal opportunity to lead and learn. We cultivate growth, reward effort, and celebrate achievements -- all in a close-knit, non-creepy, family-like environment.

Our platforms -- Shoppertise Marketplace and Shoppertise Pocketbook -- are well-received in the digital commerce landscape and we are seeking to expand our operations in the coming year. Therefore, we are seeking experienced developers to work closely with our engineering and product teams to integrate enterprise-level tools and bank-level security payment gateways into a mobile-friendly solution. If you think you’re up for the challenge, read on the available positions that may suit you!

Our Mission

As a small business owner, you are constantly multitasking: making products, generating sales, sending out parcels, replying customers on social media, and the list goes on. Isn't it time someone invented an app that could help you work more efficiently?

Well here's the good news: we have!

We sat down with the creative entrepreneurs in our community and listed down the little tasks that take up huge amounts of time; and automated them so you can focus on bigger things. We also made it easier and faster to create an online store, without you having to write a single line of code.

The result is Pocketbook. An app that is designed to help you manage your small business on-the-go. Track orders and process payments, both online and offline, all from the convenience of your smart device. It's like having a personal sales assistant with you 24/7, helping you along from the cozy corner of your pocket.

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