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The story of Mangrove Learning begins back when our founder Wang Junyong was in secondary school. Finding difficulty in academic achievements, Junyong found himself in a less than ideal environment where he lacked self-confidence due to his situation in school.

Fortunately, Junyong was given the opportunity to learn Taiko drumming at a youth centre where he discovered a lifelong passion for learning. Through drumming, Junyong built up his self-confidence and social skills as he found people willing to believe in him, nurturing him to excel.

Seeing the positive benefits in his own life, Junyong began spreading the art of Taiko drumming to youths at risk in similar situations he was once in himself. Leveraging on his own experiences to reach out to youths, Mangrove Learning was formed in 2007 (then a sole proprietorship, School of Daiko) to cultivate the values of hard work, discipline, and innovation in youths that society might once have written off.

Beyond working with youth at risk, Mangrove Learning also works with corporate partners to build teamwork skills through creative programmes. Proving that Taiko is suitable to people from all walks of life, Mangrove Learning soon began running social programmes for senior citizens and those from vulnerable communities, bringing joy and enrichment to their lives.

Mission – To research & develop a series of educational methodology & technology to engage and develop vulnerable communities towards self-actualization.

Vision – Mangrove Learning envisions a Mangrove Eco-system to nurture and encourage growth among its user, stakeholders & community.

Motto – Creative Programs, Innovative Learning, Building Community

Our Core Values :

  • Empathy
  • Courage
  • Innovation

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