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Since its establishment in 2010, Saltycustoms has been empowering brands both big and small by providing them with beautiful, retail-worthy custom t-shirts. Through the company's belief in innovation and its fearlessness in pushing the boundaries of the apparel industry, Saltycustoms' business and presence grew exponentially over just a few short years. Today, Saltycustoms prides itself as the leading name in the custom apparel market, with over 40 employees in its Malaysia and Singapore offices. So far, Saltycustoms' expertise in producing world-class designs for apparels has been tested and loved by over 1,000 brands around the world, including household names like Facebook, Grab, Coca Cola, Nescafe, Formula 1 and Universal Music.

On top of being recognised as a company that revolutionised apparel designs, Saltycustoms is also known for its Apparel Consultants, a team of specially trained professionals who are always ready to provide top-notch, comprehensive services to the clients. Another key to Saltycustoms' success is its people's foresight to integrate technology into the apparel business, a bold move which has forever changed the way the world designs, orders and enjoys apparels. A prime example of Saltycustoms' involvement in merging technology with apparels would be its Online Configurator, a first-of-its-kind web-based customisation tool which allows users from anywhere in the world to design and order beautiful custom t-shirts quickly and easily.