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Who Are We

Penefit ( is the first mobile app company in Malaysia who bring multiple type of reward programs in the form of software as a service (SaaS). We try hard eliminate eco-unfriendly method of giving rewarding.

What We Do

With the growing eco-unfriendly, countless rewarding which uses plastic PVC cards or paper to track consumer rewarding, Penefit is devoted in bringing a more convenience, more managable way, more eco-friendly way to handle both brands and consumer rewards. Instead of traditional plastic rewarding method in the market, Penefit mobilized the whole process. Card is no longer needed and get to check rewarding value in just a few clicks. Penefit opens up new rewarding possibilities.

Why Join Penefit

Penefit is home to some of the best minds and talent in the world. The Penefit team lives and breathes entrepreneurship. The Penefit family is driven, passionate and completely committed in our quest to create "The world of RewardPlace". The market is new and full of potential to grow and scale internationally.

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