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Country : Singapore

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Who is goGame?

Incorporated July 2015, goGame is a
Singapore-headquartered mobile games publisher with global ambitions. It aims
to capture the hearts of game developers around the world through its unique
“free-to-publish” proposition where games can be rapidly published in half the
time at no extra cost. goGame’s
one-stop-shop service handles customer support, marketing, analytics, payment,
user acquisition and other time-consuming processes into a single platform so
studios can focus on what they do best - making good games great!

goGame is headed by David Ng – ex-CEO of gumi Asia, the company behind
mobile hits such as Brave Frontier, Chain Chronicles and Big Hero 6: Bot Fight.
The company is invested by Japan’s video game giant Sega Networks and a leading
Japanese early stage venture capitalist Incubate Fund.