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Summary Info

VAV uses the most advance technology in marketing to bring about the best mobile marketing platform for brands to reach their audiences. VAV’s technology uses sound waves to help brands to trigger interactions from their audiences by transforming any audio speakers, TV and radio into an audio beacon by embedding an inaudible "high-frequency audio" signal within a sound file/media content that will send contextual ads to their audiences smartphone. The ads can be received via a suite of our partnering mobile applications that has our technology plugged into their apps.

Welcome to VAV

Our Mission

At VAV we believe the right approach towards a successful career should be about what problems you are passionate about in solving. VAV is going to revolutionize the advertising and communication industry by connecting the traditional media to the mobile.

Our Culture

At VAV, we believe in living a life worth living. We do not believe that work is work, instead we believe that work should be fun and never about the grind.

We believe in making an environment that allows you to play, create, learn and grow, at the same time getting paid to do it.

We try to make it so great that you’ll be the thinking about it smiling while you sleep.

So, what are you waiting for? Join us and you too can be a part of VAV today!