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We have received a huge sum of funding, and we want to recruit more Technical Experts. Salary a month and equity given to this person will depend on the person's ability.

We are a team that does not believe in working hard all the time. We believe in working smart instead, doing quality work and producing results efficiently. When necessary, there will be times when we will work very hard and the person must be prepared for this.

The person we are looking for may not need to have a degree. What is more important than that is the person's attitude and personality.

Is he/she a team player when necessary? Can he/she work independently when necessary? Is he/she creative and able to think of the box? Does he/she persevere and don't give up when faced with difficulty? These are the qualities we look for in the person. When you join us, you will work hard and play hard, creating memorable experiences with buddies.

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