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Glyph stands as a symbol of Hope & Courage to the marginalised in society. We operate as a community membership programme for everyday Singaporeans with the aim of becoming Asia’s leading social venture builder creating complementary lines of businesses to empower social mobility for the masses.

Our business is forged upon strategic partnerships and empowered fellowship where we constantly build a network of leaders and businesses who are championing sustainable, impactful change through Social and Cultural capital.

Vision – Asia’s Leading Social Venture Builder

Mission – Leveling the Playing Field, Advancing Equal Opportunity

Our People (GPP) – Gifted, Persistent, Pessimistic Optimist


Glyphs are symbols used in ancient times to represent thoughts, ideals and concepts.

And this inspiration came from us wanting to be a symbol - A symbol of Hope & Courage to the marginalized.

Our people, both employees and customers, are called Scribes; in folklore, scribes are people who carve symbolic inscriptions therefore we want our values and what we stand for to be inscribed in people’s hearts, through our businesses.

What We Do:

Our Company provides welfare services to lower income families, especially to kids and youths in these families.

A customer pays a membership fee from $10 a month and in exchange we cultivate Social and Cultural Capital to accelerate their social mobility which grants them Knowledge and Financial Capital for an enhanced standard of living.

Our programmes range from Personal Presentation Workshops all the way to networking games or events, depending on customer demographic.

Cultural Capital programmes boast a variety of academic classes, skills workshops and industry training, all tailored for the future ready individual.

In doing so, we have built a business which moves an individual up the value chain in life and in our business; a customer originally of low income, now generates larger economical and social impact for the society while delivering a greater Lifetime Value to the company by subscribing to a higher membership tier.

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