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Speedrent on Startup Jobs Asia

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Speedrent is Airbnb for long term property rental. We operate a property rental marketplace that connects landlord and tenant to rent direct. Speedrent has 100,000+ downloads and we received tremendous coverage from Bloomberg, Sin Chew, The Sun, and the list goes on and on and on...

We are looking for aggressive talents who are eager to contribute and experience the challenges, excitement and fun of building a new-age tech-lead business.

We take our core values (3Es) seriously:

  1. Excellence - OK, so-so, good are NOT ACCEPTABLE. We only strive for excellence with speed.
  2. Equality - We are blind to gender, race, nationality, sexuality preference internally and externally to our customers, vendors.
  3. Ethical - Although Speedrent is a for-profit corporation, we ensure our act are ethical, morally correct.

So check out for our vacancies and make the move to join Speedrent. Sky is the limit, ready to take up the challenge with Speedrent? Apply now!

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