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PostCo on Startup Jobs Asia

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PostCo runs the largest network of pick-up and drop-off locations for parcels in the country. We work with a network of cafes and pharmacies etc - open early till late as an alternative to home delivery. With over 300+ locations to collect from in 9 states - we are working with huge brands like Caring Pharmacy, Coffea Coffee any many more as a hub to collect your online shopping parcels.

We are integrated at the checkout page of over 40+ over online stores with brands like Adidas, Twenty3, Pestle and Mortar, Major Drop and many more to provide a more convenient checkout option. This is a job for fearless “builders” who love the idea of PostCo, and will stop at nothing to guarantee quality and to build a strong community of user.

We are a young startup, launched in 2016, moving at a breakneck speed. Our vision is to build the largest professional collection/delivery service without investing in physical stores and we’re leading the charge.

We want you to join us.

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