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Stacck is disrupting the way the managers in the service industry communicate with their employees. Instead of using WhatsApp, emails or SMSes, managers can now automate the information that they need to send out to every employee.

Stacck is an American company based in Singapore. We are a fully funded startup that counts Eduardo Saverin, Co-founder of Facebook, as one of our investors. It is a rare opportunity for you to be able to work in a team that has such strong investor backing.

Joining us also means that you will get the opportunity to learn from the founding members of Stacck. Our founder has deep experience from being a senior leader in global companies such as Samsung and Disney. Our Co-founder is a Lean Startup leader in Singapore who has taught Lean Startup in General Assembly, Lean Startup Machine and organises the Singapore Lean Startup Circle. Our CTO is a pioneer in being one of the first to use Ruby on Rails in Singapore.

At Stacck, we want our team to be made up of people who are the very best in their individual fields or have the ability to become the best. If we accept you, it means that we also want you to have the best working environment to grow.

We practice Lean Startup and Agile. We do stand-ups and ship code often. We have an open work culture but yet we are very focused and very energetic. We behave likes startups but we think big like Apple. We do not believe in fault finding so if we make mistakes, we prefer to learn from it rather than blame each other for it.

Everyone in the team wants to make a name for themselves. We are looking for others who wants to achieve this with us too.

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