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As a Singapore-based company, ASPRIRA PTE. LTD. has started its business in March 2016. ASPIRIA focused on beauty industry in SEA. Starting from developing IT-related services in Malaysia. Planning to enter other countries.

ASPIRIA is subsidiary of REAPRA PTE. LTD.


As a Singapore-based company, REAPRA HOLDING PTE.LTD has started its business in January 2015. REAPRA focuses on potential market to become as massive as industrial-size in the future.

REAPRA looks for creative entrepreneurs and promising startups. Today agriculture, healthcare, education, high-tech are covered in business and market coverage in South East Asia including Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia, Philippines and Bangladesh. REAPRA comes up with original business ideas and seeks for CEOs to create new business models.

Currently 13 subsidiaries are created and managed by each CEO. REAPRA has invested in each subsidiary with maximum of US$3 million in early stage. In 1 or 2 years, 20 more subsidiaries will be established. Each subsidiary will run and develop individually in 10 years with the goal of optimizing its market capitalization to US$2 billion. REAPRA maintains primary hold of each subsidiary, consulting on management, business strategy, marketing, operation and financing.

The philosophy of REAPRA is to keep contribution to build an affluent society through research and practice to create new industries. The current mission for REAPRA is to concentrate on market research and seize new business opportunities.

More details in both REAPRA HOLDING and Subsidiaries will be exposed and revealed in official website ( and LinkedIn updates.

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