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Summary Info

LeadIQ is a silicon valley startup who founded in 2015 with the investments from some of the top silicon valley investors. LeadIQ is building a sales prospecting automation platform to increase sales productivity. Currently we provide a slick yet simple way to build accurate prospect list, find contact info, enrich data, and sync to Salesforce. Soon we are adding the capabilities to automate reach-outs and follow-ups. Customers can tell us the kind of companies and roles to reach out to. We'll find the prospects, reach-outs, and follow-ups.

Here's what customers say about us https://leadiq.io/customers

"Having trialled a number of different lead capture software services previous, LeadIQ stands out by a mile! It's slick, fast, accurate and saving me massive amounts of time. Look forward to using this platform far into the future." - Matthew Payne from Serchen

"Amazing product! We've tried quite a few of these types of softwares, and nothing works both as quickly and as accurately. "- Michael Sindicich from Apptimize

Our Mission

LeadIQ is changing the sales prospecting landscape. We have a great investor backing us. Talk to us and we'll let you know more about the exciting opportunities that we'll embark on (together with you!) :)

Our Culture

Our team's shared values: 

- It's better to communicate too much than too little
- DRY(don't repeat yourself) with hard work
- Always help the code reviewer
- Avoid knowledge silo


Some of our perks: 

- Health insurance
- Remote working
- Free gym membership
- 3 weeks PTO

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