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We are Amazing Story Inc, and we are a fast-growing startup company based in Tokyo, Japan. Although we have just started this company a year ago, we have been selected as “Asia’s Top 100 Startup Company” by Echelon 2016, a summit that took place in Singapore last June. Even though we have been selected as Asia’s Top 100, we have no intention to stop but to thrive for more because we strongly believe we are able to achieve more. Our team is very diverse and multicultural with members from Mexico, India, China, Korea, America, and Japan. If you want to challenge for something great, then Amazing Story is the place to be! Don’t be afraid to challenge! Love your fate!

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Our Mission

Amazing Story Inc. is a start up company based in Tokyo, Japan. Amazing Story initially started with MBA students who thought life was too much hustle. Thus, we built this company under one mission in mind: “To Simplify Everyone’s Lives. " We believe that if people are able to manage their time more efficiently, more goals could be achieved in a given period of time.

Our Culture

Fast Execution Quality Outcome


1. Permit the official certificate document(Reference paper) after the internship

2. Consulting service and professional advice for resume, portfolio, job interviews, and job hunting in Japan

3. New Experience &Knowledge about the cooperation with international members 


Amazing Story Inc. is a mobile tech startup that was applauded as one of Asia’s top 100 startup companies in 2016 by E27. Their current project, “Everest App” is a scheduling application for IOS and Android which integrates multiple calendars like Facebook and Google Calendars into one for easy management. This syncs your schedule into one easy-to-view location and has additional features such as an event diary, inviting other people to your events and activities.

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