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Summary Info

  • Deal'n platform; a startup founded last September & With a mission is to empower all individuals our society that are in need of an income but cannot find a place in the traditional competitive job market, we champion sustainability by fostering trade of used goods in emphasising on recycling, reusing & up-cycling in order to reduce waste & connecting sustainability with earring an income.
  • Our mission is to transform all individuals in the community to productive members by transforming their skills & talents into a traded currency. We aim at connecting all players in the market craftsmen ( digitising their small business & giving our users a worldwide exposure, to show case their ideas & talents through Deal'n Estore, a customised Estore, providing connectivity across borders gaining clients, promoting Singaporeans talent and traditional arts and bringing revenue into the country, there is no membership fees nor subscription fees. 
  • Deal'n was selected as one of the best startups at these past events, Web Summit, 11/2016 lisbon, Portugal, TechAsia 05/2017 Singapore, Rise 07/2017 Hong Kong, e27 08/2017 and upcoming events Slush 09/2017 Singapore, TechAsia 10/2017 Jakarta & re-invited to participate at the Web Summit as BETA ( a successful startup) 11/2017 Lisbon, Portugal.
  • We are looking for passionate and driven young Singaporeans that can dream big, execute with care and want more than just a job. If you are a creative self-starter that wants to learn by getting his hands dirty and truly care about the community you live in and empowering others, send us your CV and start your journey with us.

Our Mission

mission: connecting all market players through a worldwide platform
of options, we aim to bring communities back into modern economies.

Profitably empower individuals with tools for them to earn extra income, boost self-esteem, Deal’n: where they can learn and adapt, practice and advertise to a worldwide audience and grow into one of Deal’n’s many success stories.

Our Culture

we thrive on diversity & this is realized through our mixed & integrated culture that welcomes innovation, creativity and encourages communication without any hierarchies the only requirement is to respect & listen without any judgment keeping the best of our organization in mind to keep our pillars that are based on our vision and missio alive & tangible for everyone to witness throughput our work ethics.

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