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Summary Info

1) 世界全体をマーケットとしてみている

2) CEOがシリアルアントレプレナーである

3) 挑戦を続けるための資金がある

4) 人種や国籍を超えたチームである



-GOTEN https://www.thegoten.com/
-Smitten https://www.smittendate.com


Open mindedness 常識に囚われない。不可能を可能にする。変化を受け入れる、むしろ創りだす。
Passion エネルギー量。熱量。世界を変えたいという想いと行動力。
Honesty お互いを信頼しあいたい。

Our Mission

- We are a brand-new, global startup located in San Francisco and Ho Chi Minh. 

- Our CEO has successfully sold his last startup for $20 million.
- Now we are seeking for a Technical Leader for our new app, BeHeard.
- BeHeard is funded for $3 million and aiming to be the next Unicorn by 2020.
- We are an international team with Americans, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, etc.

(Our Introduction Video)   https://youtu.be/2eJ7rleDBJw

Our Culture


Our History
- Established one of the most successful job sites in Japan.
- Exited one of our past projects, Rejob, for 20 million US dollars.
- Built networks globally in more than 30 countries.

Our Uniqueness
1. Global market focused
Our current bases is in San Francisco (USA) and Ho Chi Minh (Vietnam). We are launching our product globally in order to establish one of the biggest companies in the world.

2. Our team is international
In order to change the whole world beyond borders, we are creating a team with diversity. Currently our members are from America, Japan, Vietnam, Philippines, Korea, Germany, U.K.

3. We have over $10 million in funds
We have successfully sold our last business for $20 million. We can fund our project ourselves and focus on the product 120%, instead of chasing funds from fundraising.


A message from CEO
I have a goal in my life. That is to change the framework of society and the whole world. By 2020, along with my team, we will create one of the biggest businesses to obtain the capital and social influence needed to move forward towards change.

Next, we will collaborate with change-makers such as politicians, thinkers, scientists, etc. Gathering the best-minds on this planet, we will rebuild the society and make the entire world a better place as a whole.

Our new product, BeHeard will become a foundation of this endeavor. It connects people across the world to make their days and lives better. We have just started this new project and now we're looking for a crew who wants to change the world with us.

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