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Country : Malaysia

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What we do

We are a software development house unlike any other. We believe the formula to creating an exceptional app is simple:

Functionality* + Beautiful design = Excellence

* Awesome, Sleek, Appropriate

and this what our promise to every single client of ours.

Building apps is right up in our field of expertise, but our biggest passion lies in developing innovative and futuristic products that matter. And since life is about chasing your passion, this is exactly what we do. We have established our R&D lab where we strive to identify challenges that hurdle humanity from progression. Together with a team of bright people we aim to build products and solutions that affects millions of people┬┤s lives, from health care all the way to transportation.

Our Journey

Although we started off as a software development house, throughout the journey we realised that our mission goes beyond helping our clients to achieve their dreams. Our mission is to do things that matter and contribute as much as possible into shaping a better future. We strongly believe that a group of smart and passionate people can change the world.

Of course, changing the world is not easy, but it can be much simpler with a team of great people. This is why we are looking for you.