Hanalytics Pte Ltd
Country : Singapore

Hanalytics Pte Ltd on Startup Jobs Asia

Summary Info

At Hanalytics, we are committed to build advanced
technologies to help hospitals diagnose medical conditions of patients. Founded
in Singapore, we are a rapidly growing machine learning startup backed by VCs
and angels with deep connections in Asian market. We have a strong team of deep
learning scientists, software engineers and medical experts, and are currently
inviting aspiring individuals to join us to create huge and meaningful impact
to the medical industry in Asia.

Our mission is to enable better healthcare for everyone by
empowering medical experts and doctors with advanced technologies built on deep
learning techniques. This is particularly meaningful as healthcare will always
be in demand, especially when ageing population is a rampant issue for many
developed countries and access to trained doctors is limited in many developing

With passion and expertise, we believe we can ride on the
ample opportunities in the under-served healthcare analytics space as the data
analytics and deep learning experts in our team are able to exploit AI
technologies to aid diagnosis.

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