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Sifu-Sifu is an instructor-booking app that connects instructors and students from all areas through videos, real-time scheduling & interactive chat.

Users can learn from instructors in dance, martial arts, education, music, yoga, fitness, extreme sports and many more.

Through functions such as an interactive chat, videos and real-time scheduling, the app helps to connect users to instructors from different practices in Singapore and Malaysia. Through Sifu-Sifu, users can choose to attend any type of classes they are interested in with a one-click function to ‘book’ their preferred instructor.

Users will also be able to have a clearer picture of the class through our video playbacks – showing users a sneak-peek of what the class is like. This allows them to better understand the instructor and the dynamics of the different classes before signing up. Providing instructors for everyone and everything, Sifu-Sifu is a platform where users can pick up a new hobby or continue their passions at any point of time.

In the heart of our business model, Sifu-Sifu believes that learning empowers people to reach their full potential.

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