Jireh Group
Country : Singapore

Jireh Group on Startup Jobs Asia

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Jireh Group is about living healthily through education, information and transformation through community. Since 2015, Jireh has developing the GetDoc and Hippo brands and begun going to market in March 2016. GetDoc is a web and mobile application on Andriod and iOS that enables users to search for doctors based on specialisation, location and insurance coverage. It also has educational materials such as Fit for Travel and Health A-Z right in the app that educates users about health related news of various countries that they are traveling to and a searchable database of 1,100 health conditions right in the hands of users. Hippo is the company's range of IoT devices such as a Pedometer, Heart Rate Monitor and Body Analysis Scales to encourage healthy living through information but more importantly, community. Jireh Group is currently in Singapore and Malaysia and has plans to expand it's reaches to other countries in South East Asia in the coming months.


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