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Country : Singapore

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Our fast-growing e-commerce trading start-up needs someone to help us grow! Your job will involve helping us to identify market opportunities, and leverage on them. Learn how to spot price differences and gaps and provide value to our customers.
You will be seeing how we use different forms of market analysis to identify gaps in the market. Learn how we utilize multiple channels of internet marketing to reach out to our customers. Joining us will mean that you will be taking a key role in helping us expand our business.
-Market Analysis
-Efficient Logistics Management
-Competitive Analysis
-Data Analysis
-Internet Marketing, PPC, SEO, SEM, Social Outreach
-ROI Calculation and Capital Allocation
-Efficient system creation & Cash flow maximization

We are a 4-month old start-up.
About Primero Pte Ltd.
Primero was founded as an e-commerce trading firm to trade a variety of products and services from gym equipment to furniture. No product is out of reach for us!
Work from an innovative and fast-moving working environment that’s determined to create, brand, and sell!
We believe that anything is possible, and we’re here to help you achieve it.
If you’re someone that’s interested in business / E-commerce / Internet marketing, this start-up internship is for you!
Drop me a message/WhatsApp at 93874394!

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