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XWAPP is a financial service app that allows users to send funds to other users. It is essentially "Uberizing" the Money Changing/ Remittance process by making transactions real-time, on-demand and instantaneous, while at the same time, costing users less in terms of transaction fees.

XWAPP is founded on the belief that transactions involving the exchange of funds should be secure while remittance cost should be kept affordable. XWAPP does not intend to innovate the remittance process but rather, complement the current process.

XWAPP's goal is to assist Expats, Labourers, Tourists and eventually anyone who needs this service as the current financial system, unfortunately, is most unfriendly towards the most deserving.

Xwapp is a growing start-up and is always on the look out for talents who can make a difference in roles as diverse as Software Engineering, Business development, Partnership and Sales Channel Building, among others. Contact us today!

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