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Top Taste Business Development Intern
Top Taste is a Singapore beverage manufacturing company specialised in creating healthy beverages and Asian drinks. The company focuses in supplying restaurants, food groups and large-scale beverage distributors with healthy beverages to reduce man-power inefficiency and aiding them to meet the growing consumer trends towards healthier diet. The company also have their own brand of herbal drink in the market.
The company is currently in a re-branding and development phase, in search of new ideas, market and creating new beverage trends. We are offering internship opportunities for highly motivated and passionate undergraduate/postgraduate students to learn and experience the rare opportunity of a re-branding and development phase of the company where many key decisions will be made.
We are also providing opportunities for such individual to participate in the creation of new brands, flavours and packaging of beverages to be part of our manufacturing choice. This will eventually be proposed to our current clients of food groups and restaurants to be in their permanent menu or be launched in the market. Please take note that this is an unpaid internship.
• Prospect Acquisition
• Brand Creation and Development
• Product Invention
• Process Evaluation and Cost Efficiency Management
• Ingredient Sourcing
• Regional and overseas supply management
• Marketing campaign
• Strong interest in Product invention and/or Brand Creation
• Ability to determine ideas and concept feasibility
• Some familiarity with local F&B market
• Strong teamwork, communication and networking skills
• Creative
*Additional Requirement
• As part of our on-boarding and training process, we require the interns to participate in a part-time internship during the semester. Commitment for the part-time internship will be a minimum of 15 hours per week for 3 months, subject to the arrangement by your attached supervisor. Only after will you be able to participate in the full-time internship during the summer break.
We regret to inform that only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

Top Taste Pte Ltd Company Write up

Top Taste Pte Ltd was founded in 1999 by Teo Sheng Chee (Local TCM Practitioner) as Singapore’s first herbal tea manufacturing company to manufacture traditional herbal drinks for the mass market in plastic bottles. In contrary to other herbal tea brewers that sell herbal drinks in glass cups in front of Traditional Chinese Medical (TCMs) halls, Top Taste was the pioneer in changing the way herbal teas should be sold, greatly focusing in safety and hygiene. Top Taste specialises in using real herbs and natural ingredients to craft each drink into perfection, retaining its functionality, benefits and nutrients, yet striving to keep the drink affordable for everyone by having extremely thin margins for distributors.
Competition emerges as the demand in herbal drinks rises and popularized in 2002-2004 due to the SARS outbreak. Many competitors resort to using low quality herbs, concentrated or artificial flavourings and preservative to gain an edge over Top Taste. Despite losing significant market share, Top Taste stood firm in using only real ingredients and herbs that will benefit its end consumers, believing in the core values that the founder has set for the company.
Since then, Top Taste has changed its direction from being an expert in the traditional Chinese and herbal beverage field towards the health beverage category which broaden the market diversity and industry value. By supplying health beverages to major restaurants, food groups and franchises, Top Taste is able to help the F&B industry in Singapore in meeting the demands on healthier beverage as consumers shift towards the healthier diet trend.
Top Taste is now focusing in being innovative and continuously creating health beverages for the benefits of its consumers. With its core value of being healthy, great tasting and affordable to everyone, Top Taste is always striving to achieve excellent standards in terms of quality, taste and benefits for their valued consumers.
In hopes of becoming an international health beverage manufacturer, Top Taste is constantly improving on its product and services. Always maintaining its achieved HACCP standards while striving to achieve a manufacturing ISO standard for global market. Top Taste has been working with local university and polytechnics in food processing and product innovation to bring the local brand into the global stage.

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