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AirBNB for Investments - We're a fintech Startup looking to bring accountability and transparency to the investments space. Work alongside 2 passionate founders to bring positive change to the world. Funded by notable investors.

Founders are experts in their field with a track record of excellence.
Nigel is a top investment professional with a track record of excellence (youngest Asst CIO to the Ministry of Defence, managing >$250M. Top discretionary trader returning 100% profits per year).

XG was the first tech hire & subsequently the asst CTO (founder was the CTO), to a startup that was acquired at $50m valuation. He has gone on to be the CTO of a VC and multiple other startups subsequently.

Our Mission

Transparency & accountability in the investments space.

In a world where alternative facts, wrong incentives and hidden agendas abound, Tradably aligns interests of its consumers and providers via its proprietary performance attribution algorithm.

Our Culture

  1. Ambitious yet Amicable - we adopt the mindset of improve or die, and we go through it together.
  2. Hungry yet Humble - we are hungry for results, and humility gives us the ability to learn from others.
  3. No bullshit - Take it elsewhere.

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