iG Interactive
Country : Malaysia

iG Interactive on Startup Jobs Asia

Summary Info

We are a game developer and publisher, specialising in mobile games. We are makers of the highly popular Mahjong 3P mobile game, which has hit the #5 spot on iOS Appstore. We aspire to be a world-class game developer, releasing games which are played all over the world. We seek strong programmers to join us on this venture.

Our Culture


We are a close-knit team of game creators. We are both game developer and game publisher. We have great passion for what we do. We take pride in the joy we bring our players and the communities we build around our games.


At iG Interactive, we constantly challenge ourselves to do better. To thrive in such a global and competitive industry, we need to be alert and nimble. We need to both work hard and work smart. Everyone plays a role and gives his best. We trust in one another to do his part, and as a team we move towards a common goal.

We are a noisy bunch. We share our ideas and opinions enthusiastically. We appreciate a good sense of humour.

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