Cocoba Pte Ltd
Country : Singapore

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Summary Info

Cocoba Pte Ltd manages a rapidly growing group of food and beverage brands including IRVINS Salted Egg ( & Gacplus Fruit Juice ( Specialized in #DangerouslyAddictive Salted Egg snacks and sauce, IRVINS is a Direct to Consumer food startup, manufacturing and delivering quality food experiences to our customers through our own online and offline platforms.

Our Mission

Our company was built from zero and it’s still growing rapidly. Our failures and successes become our most valuable experience and lessons.

Our mission is to create food products that are fun, creative, innovative and, most importantly, Dangerously Addictive. We bend our backs to make our customers happy and our motto is to “stand out and be different”.

We work hard, play hard, take risks, fall sometimes and we move on. Afterall, life is an adventure.

Sounds like you? Join our family of high energy team players.


- Full Stocked Pantry

- Smart casual outfit

- Monday - Friday 9am-6pm

- Young and Dynamic Environment

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