Sofar Sounds Kuala Lumpur
Country : Malaysia

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Sofar Sounds is a global network of artists, hosts, and guests, all with the goal of bringing the magic back to live music.

It's a series of music gigs happening in over 330 cities around the world, where the lineup is secret and you find out who is playing once you arrive at the show; and the location is revealed only the day before, to keep things even more magical. These secret gigs aim to bring live music in unconventional spaces, like your living room, balconies, libraries etc, and aim to bring focus back to the artists, creating an atmosphere of full appreciation for who's on stage.

Sofar began in London as a platform for artists and audiences to come together in a space that is respectful to the performers. This idea was so potent that many cities started their own Sofar chapters. We are now in 331 cities worldwide and since 2016, present in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

An idea that not only has spread and provided a stage for smaller, lesser known artists to gain global exposure, but also caught the attention and investment of Richard Branson. Read about it here:

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