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Digital Fineprint is an InsurTech start-up that was founded in 2016 at Oxford University in the UK. We work in the intersection of social media and insurance and are leading the way in the rapid evolution of digitalising the insurance industry. Our technology successfully improves the customer journey – reducing drop-offs whilst increasing online conversion rates, we have the ability to harness social media data for smarter underwriting, pricing, cross-selling, targeted marketing and ensure customers receive an insurance policy that is right for them – thereby lowering the risk of being under-insured. 

Digital Fineprint were named "Best General Start-Up in the UK” in 2016 and have previously worked with Allianz as part of the Allianz Accelerator, with Accenture as part of their FinTech Innovation Lab and most recently have been selected to partner with MetLife’s Singapore based LumenLab as part of their collab programme. In December of 2016 they closed their seed funding round having raised $400k taking investments from Eos Venture Partners and a number of industry angel investors.

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