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Summary Info

Yihawker is building an e-hawker centre, a local food marketplace that revolutionise the way we trade, buy and explore local food heritages around the cities of the world.

We are not a food delivery company, we are a tech company that builds a hawker centre on the cloud.

We believe we got what it takes to be the next biggest company born out of Singapore and we are inviting the best hustlers with killer skills onboard.

Why yihawker?

By bringing the very last group of businesses online, we all know what happens. There is Alibaba, Amazon and Airbnb that has bought vertical businesses online. Every candidate will be carefully vetted through by all the top management members, starting with our founder Jonathan. We believe culture has to be set right from the beginning and we are strictly open for ginders and hustlers ONLY.

Below are for the various hires

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