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DateTix Group is a leading provider of social and dating products and services, including the DateTix platform, the Lovestruck platform, and premium matchmaking services.

The DateTix platform is a mobile online marketplace that facilitates offline dates by connecting like-minded people who are nearby each other and free at the same times. With the tap of just a few buttons, DateTix members can quickly and effortlessly meet new people at nearby establishments for meals, drinks, live events, outdoor activities and more, for a wide range of intentions, including casual dating, serious relationship, friendship, business networking. For more information, please visit

Lovestruck is a leading premium online dating platform founded in 2006 in London and currently operating in Hong Kong, Singapore and the United Kingdom. Lovestruck has established itself as a readily identifiable brand position in a competitive yet burgeoning market. Genuinely regarded as a preeminent brand within the dating industry, and a founding member of the Online Dating Association, Lovestruck has won numerous awards, most notably ‘Online Dating Brand of the Year’ for the second year running at the UK Dating Awards. For more information, please visit

Noonswoon is a pioneering dating company operating in Thailand. The company’s primary product is a mobile app targeting people who are serious daters. Unlike other dating apps where the quantity of profiles is key, Noonswoon focuses on the quality and compatibilities of profiles, aiming to introduce people who have similar socio-economic backgrounds. The app introduces its members to only one curated and high quality match per day. For more information, please visit