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QLUE on Startup Jobs Asia

Summary Info

Qlue is a social media app that allow users to connect to their neighborhood. Reporting problems, monitoring voices of citizens, appreciation from the people, establishing local communication, supporting local places are now clicks away. Qlue will help you do all that easily, accurately and in style. Keep Qlue-ing and create a more positive neighborhood for you and your family.

Smart Surroundings
“Work hard, play hard” is our spirit. You get to spend time with people who have a broad base of experience that are willing to help and guide you throughout.
Work-Life Balance
We love innovators and we support them. Weekly activities such as hacking day and happy hour can be found here to guarantee a balanced work-life.
From you to the world. Your work will help shape new products that will make a difference for likely millions of people.
Free Food
We get it, we all love free food. Catered lunches, free coffee, free snacks; these are just some perks that you will get to devour daily.

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