Gaia Technologies Sdn Bhd
Country : Malaysia

Gaia Technologies Sdn Bhd on Startup Jobs Asia

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Gaia develops customised software for its clients with projects ranging from consumer websites (i.e. e-commerce, marketplaces, social media platforms) and business applications (i.e. ERP, CRM, HRM, etc.). Our clients consists of successful local startups and multi-national companies. So far, we had left project footprints in Singapore, Jakarta, Manila, New York and Paris.

Besides developing software for our clients, we have also our own products in the area of adtech and foodtech. Coming soon, we'll be venturing into real-estate and travel. Our adtech solution (Stubs) had recently penetrated into Yangon, Myanmar, delivering a real-time advertising platform driven by demographics data. Our foodtech solution ( had reached over 4000 users with over 50,000 ingredients in its analytics database.

At Gaia, we believe in meaningful information, where information are delivered to the right person, at the right place, and at the right time. Not on-demand, but knowing when it should. We build sensible and humane apps.

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